• Natalie Walcott, MUA

Wake up call

I'm going to be honest with you all, back home in Raleigh I thought I was good, (if not very good) at makeup. Looking back I kinda had a big head.

This week has been a real wake up call for me. A call to do better, to work harder, and to hold myself and my makeup to a higher standard. (Hence the new website, hope you guys like it!)

I have grown stagnant and I'm feeling it's effects as I type this and it's rather unnerving as an artist to feel like you don't have any inspiration.

I got so used to creating for others I forgot to create for myself. Going back to my roots this week and really stripping down what made me want to do makeup in the first place has been difficult for me.

I was reminded of what made me love to do makeup this past Wednesday when I had to opportunity to with a media company for an app.

Getting to know people while they're in the makeup chair is truly an irreplaceable moment for me. Making people look their best and forming relationships is the core of my love.

That's when I realized you can be in love with doing makeup even if it's a simple commercial look. You can be in love with makeup if it's for a high fashion editorial.

I haven't had as much time to play with my own inspiration because I've been so busy helping others find their's. I'll find my creative groove again in time, but until then I'm perfectly happy providing people with their inspirations and what they need to complete their end vision. It's not always about me, it's about the people I help. That's what makes me excited to create.

As always with love,

Natalie Walcott, NYC Makeup artist

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