• Natalie Walcott, MUA

Developing thick skin (I'm still working on it)

For every 30 "no"s we probably get around 1 solid response of "yes". As a freelance artist this can hit hard, at least it does for me.

It's tricky to separate myself from the rejection and just understand that a new opportunity is on it's way even though I missed the one I thought was it.

I knew moving to the city would test my makeup skills and my relationship with it, but it's more intense than I thought.

And that's okay. If it wasn't hard everyone would do it. The sense of purpose and accomplishment when I book a gig knowing that my art is why I'm there.

If it's hard it's important.

I cannot see myself doing anything else other than makeup so I know I just have to work hard and keep my head up.

I have to always be learning. I have to always be listening. I have to always be prepared.

Before I moved people would always ask me "Do you not want stability? Isn't that stressful?"

My answer? "Hell yes it's stressful"

But who would want to give up the gift of art for a clock in and out job? If I have to sacrifice art for stability what kind of life is that? Probably one filled with less stress, but I was taught at a very early age money doesn't buy happiness or satisfaction. Only you can do that for yourself.

I have to work harder than I ever had to do back home and I know that now.

So keep a look out, with every refusal I'll send out 10 more emails introducing myself.

Who knows, maybe one day you'll see my name in your inbox.

Until then all the love,

Natalie Walcott, NYC Makeup Artist

(Photo by: Michael Betzner)

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