• Natalie Walcott, MUA

Staying focused and encouraged

As I was walking through downtown NYC today going into various makeup stores to see if they were hiring I began to feel discouraged. Scared almost. In a panic I wondered if I made the right decision to leave all my past connections, fellow creatives and the biggest of them... all my friends and family. With all these thoughts rushing through my head at what felt like 1,000 MPH I turned around and there on display I saw one of my favorite makeup artist's (Kevyn Aucoin) makeup line.At a young age Kevyn also left his small town in the south to move to New York City to chase his dream of becoming a makeup artist, and he did it. His makeup was even in the store where I was applying. Doing the exact same thing he did. It was an encouraging moment in time. It was a wakeup call that in order to chase the dreams and talents we are given we have to take risks.

Becoming a professional artist isn't glitz and glam. It's hard work. It's anxiety. It's knowing your worth, even when people try to constantly tell you you're not worth it.For Kevyn he found his love for makeup as a child playing around with his sister having photoshoots. For me, it was the love of live theatre that helped me find it.

I don't plan on letting it go anytime soon either.

I've only been in the city a week up I'm just getting started.

So keep your eyes peeled as I discover more about myself and my artistry.

Two days after I moved to the city I met a wonderful girl who is my neighbor who is a phenomenal photographer. Today she submitted a collaboration we did together to several magazines. It was my first look that's ever been submitted. I can't share the actual photos yet, but enjoy this behind the scene shot of our model Garrett. Be sure to check out Sky's work here.Until next time, everyone.Love, Natalie Walcott. A makeup artist living in NYC.

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