• Natalie Walcott, MUA

Let me introduce myself

Hey there, my name is Natalie Walcott. I am a makeup artist living in New York City. (That's me in the picture below... if you didn't know)

For a long time before I moved here I was always shy about who I was and what I did. It wasn't seen as something that was legit where I grew up. It was just a "hobby" or a "pass time". It wasn't respected. I wasn't living as big or creating as I could.My parents just left me in the biggest city in the USA and as I watched them pull away in their little gold mini van and vanish out of sight I realized it's time to put the shyness away and go full head first into creating and being who I was created to be.An artist. Creating art. Sharing art. Now is not the time to play safe, so join me as I live and create in this city. I can't promise my grammar will be the best, or that my spelling will be amazing but I can promise art and that's all that really matters right?All the love,Natalie Walcott, MUA

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